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Newsletter N°354, February 16, 2017
More than 350 new e-Commerce sites open shop with Actinic each month!
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Persuade your visitors from the moment they land on your site
Incite your visitors to continue shopping on your site with a homepage that inspires professionalism and trust! Captivate them with a homepage design that is built to convert from the start. Actinic Design experts give away the secrets to designing a professional and attractive first impression that lasts!
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Adwords white paper
NEW: The 2017 e-Merchant Profile Infographic
Last December we asked you to tell us more about how you do business online and the impacts online trends and developments have on your entire business. Over 400 Actinic e-Merchants took the time to take our e-Merchant profile survey and here are the results!
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Free audit
Free: Tailored expert advice on how to improve your cx!
70% of online buying experiences are based upon a customer’s interaction with the e-Commerce site and how they feel they are being treated*. Increase your turnover by working towards an optimal online customer experience with the help of our e-Commerce experts’ tailored advice!
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White paper
Download the Actinic e-Commerce AdWords Whitepaper
Set up your own Google AdWords campaigns with our free AdWords White paper. Download the Actinic AdWords Guide for free and start driving qualified traffic to your site, increase your brand-awareness and attain a higher campaign ROI!
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2017 webinars
February 22, at  09.45am Actinic Webinar; How to build a homepage that converts!
Strengthen your brand image by communicating advantages on the homepage Feature your flagship products on your homepage to make it ultra-persuasive. Gain customer confidence by using techniques for reassurance.
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Top 3 Apps 
Dynamic shopping basket
Add zest to your site and improve website browsing
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Up and cross selling
Upselling and Cross-Selling - Shopping basket
Display upsell and cross-sell suggestions in the shopping basket
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Special Homepage Pop-up
Highlight your important special offers on your home page.
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March 28, 09.45 AM
Actinic Webinar: Delivery options that convert
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