8 ways to improve the conversion rate on your site
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N°358november 2017
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Amazon Pay reveals 8 ways to improve the conversion rate on your site
Actinic's new partner, Amazon Pay, shares its e-Commerce expertise (mobile sales, trafic, customer experience, etc.). Discover 8 ways to guarantee more sales.
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amazon pay
Use Amazon Pay for a 20% increase in conversions
Boost conversions by shortening your Check Out process. Thanks to Amazon Pay, guests can make payments on your site using their Amazon IDs. Get the App straight from your back office and take advantage of our "free installation" offer.
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“Actinic’s features are unbeatable”
Premier Equine is recognised as one of the leading brands in the world of Horse Rugs, Boots, Saddle Pads & Equestrian Clothing. Rachel Dent shared with us the keys on their online success.
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