Top 8 Actinic developments in 2017
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N°359january 2018
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Actinic innovations
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8 must-have Actinic innovations from 2017
Thanks to our cutting-edge SaaS technology, the Actinic team is constantly upgrading the solution to meet the needs of our e-merchants. The year 2017 has seen a wealth of projects and new features. Here is a review of 8 must-have features from the past year!
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Improve your graphic design easily for more conversions!
For 75% of Internet users, an online store's credibility is determined by the quality of its graphic design*. To enable you to create personalised and effective pages quickly, take advantage of the 10 new WYSIWYG** features: new carousel, tab system, call to action buttons, etc.
Customise your web pages easily
Make 3 resolutions for 2018
Opt for the e-Commerce checklist devised by Actinic experts and start the year using e-Commerce best practices: conversion optimisation, discovery of must-have apps, and an expert review.
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Success story
“The e-Commerce business recorded a 400% growth in sales within its first two years.”
Vectis Karma is the place to go shopping for luxury incense online. Karen Bowden shared with us the keys on their online success.
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vectis karma
This month's Top 3 Apps
flash sale
Flash Sale
Add a sense of urgency to your promotions.
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mega menu
Mega Menu
Deliver a powerful user experience with a professional Mega Menu!
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quick buy
Quick buy
Encourage your customers to order larger quantities faster!
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* Source: Stanford.
** WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get.