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A complete e-Commerce offer
As an Actinic Reselling Partner your e-Commerce solution offer includes a wealth of over 400 e-Commerce features to succeed online: 5 traffic sources, an SEO optimised website structure, powerful marketing tools, all the payment methods you may ever need and and much more.
Build customer loyalty
Your customers will love your new e-Commerce offer as it gives them an incredible advantage over the competition: while over 65% of consumers regularly buy from the internet, only 16% of Europe’s SMEs are equipped with an e-Commerce site! (Source- The guardian) Your complete and high-quality e-Commerce offer comes with the expert guidance many SMEs need to take the first steps towards a profitable e-Commerce!
"With Actinic, we are sure to offer our customers the best solution for e-Commerce and the highest level of integration with Sage."
Marianne Kalgout, Managing Director - Megabyte
"E-Commerce represents a considerable extra revenue for our business. Adding the Actinic e-Commerce offer to our catalogue has allowed us to identify other services our customers need. They are satisfied with our offers and prefer to work with a single point of contact."
Simei Terelles - Garrida, Sales manager, Process Control
Always an expert at hand
With Actinic providing you with strong sales, marketing and technical support to help you identify prospects, offer the most adapted services to your customers and build your team of e-Commerce experts, you are the partner of choice for your customers that seek your guidance in setting up their e-Commerce site.
A unique solution
Propose a unique solution allowing your customers to manage their entire e-Commerce from their ERP, thanks to the exceptional level of integration the Actinic ERP link enables. The Actinic Solution is chosen by Sage as exclusive partner and Google Awarded Actinic with the prestigious Premier SMB Partner logo.
"Working hand in hand with the Actinic experts, we accompany our customers in realising their projects tp their satisfaction. The Actinic experts know how to tranfer knowlegde and skills to our customers, and are always at hand when in need."
Isabelle Mazzini -Sales Manager, AIG
"We were quickly able to set up the Actinic Link and connect our e-Commerce site to our ERP. Training was always hands on and the trainer did a great job showing us the many features and advantages our ERP Link has to offer to both our online and offline business management!”
Sean Hosking - Managing Director, ECR Concepts Software
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They partner with Actinic for a profitable source of income for their business.
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