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Higher productivity leading to higher profitability with the Actinic ERP Link.
With Actinic your customers can manage their e-Commerce site right from their ERP: Orders, stock, articles, pricing, users (B2C & B2B), images, and much more, for a streamlined business management, both online and offline.
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The Actinic e-Commerce experts are constantly by your side to guide you and support you in achieving your objectives.
Quickly identify business opportunities with your customers and prospects
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Everything you need to prepare and host informative and lead generating webinars.
Customisable and informative documentation on your e-Commerce offer.
Our partners are available to help you target your customer base and identify business opportunities.

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You and your staff are ready to set up, implements and maintain the ERP connection for your customers.
Accompany your customers in setting up and implementing the ERP Link.
Expert support to help you assist your customers with more complex assistance requests.

Actinic accompanies you throughout the entire sales process
Packaged offers Packaged Offers
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Clear and prepackaged offers, perfectly suited for your customer base.
A professional pre-sales team to identify and quantify e-Commerce business opportunities.
Actinic experts by your side all the way up to the signing of your proposal.
We build on our partnerships. Our Actinic Partners accompany their customers in analysing their e-Commerce projects, installing and configuring the ERP Link, maintaining the smooth running of the two systems’ synchronisation, while Actinic takes care of the remaining e-Commerce website setup.
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Thanks to your Actinic partnership, your customers benefit fully from the best of both worlds: A high quality ERP combined with the most powerful e-Commerce solution, both recommended and maintained by the same trusted reseller. Together we accompany your customers towards a successful online business.
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