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Generate additional income With Ecommerce
Attract new clients and win market share
Meet with your clients and offer them new opportunities to grow their turnover
Guarantee yourself steady turnover and take advantage of Ecommerce’s constant evolution and offer new services
It’s incredible to be able to count on a partner that supports you with a comprehensive and powerful Ecommerce solution that’s constantly evolving with new features. M. Commencal – Actinic Client - Commencal
We help our clients develop their Ecommerce businesses and configure their interfacing with ERP software. Our turnover from Ecommerce has shown strong growth over the last year.

F. Valette – Actinic Partner - Aide Info

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Actinic, the leading Ecommerce solution in Europe
450 new Ecommerce sites a month
Exceptional Graphic Design
Over 12 million orders for our 10,500 e-tailers!
Over 312 features
8 good reasons to choose Actinic
Actinic, the Ecommerce solution chosen by Sage
Our Ecommerce solution synchronises in real time with Sage business management software
To help our clients achieve Ecommerce success, we chose to become an Actinic partner in order to offer them a powerful solution integrated with Sage software. F.Canevet – Market Manager - Sage France
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