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It is the most powerful solution on the market
As an Actinic Reselling Partner your e-Commerce solution offer includes a wealth of over 400 e-Commerce features to succeed online: 5 traffic sources, an SEO optimised website structure, powerful marketing tools, over 35 payment and delivery methods and much more.
You build strong customer loyalty and embark on new markets
Your customers will love your new e-Commerce offer as it gives them an incredible advantage over the competition: while over 65% of consumers regularly buy from the internet, only 16% of Europe’s SMEs are equipped with an e-Commerce site! (Source- The guardian) Your complete and high-quality e-Commerce offer comes with the expert guidance many SMEs need to take the first steps towards a profitable e-Commerce!
"Nous faisons bénéficier nos clients e-commerçants d’un outil en constante évolution et leur chiffre d’affaires en profite pleinement ! "
Eric Raybaudi - Gérant, Net Gestion
"Le e-Commerce représente un vrai potentiel pour les revendeurs Sage. Les clients comptent sur nous pour les accompagner, c’est une opportunité de diversification et de revenus supplémentaires."
Isabelle Mazzichi - Responsable Commerciale, AIG - CCS
You are fully supported by our experts
With Actinic providing you with strong sales, marketing and technical support to help you identify prospects, offer the most adapted services to your customers and build your team of e-Commerce experts, you are the partner of choice for your customers that seek your guidance in setting up their e-Commerce site.
ERP users need you to connect their e-Commerce site
Propose a unique solution allowing your customers to manage their entire e-Commerce from their ERP, thanks to the exceptional level of integration the Actinic ERP link enables. The Actinic Solution is chosen by Sage as exclusive partner and Google Awarded Actinic with the prestigious Premier SMB Partner logo.
" Main dans la main avec Oxatis, nous accompagnons nos clients dans toutes les étapes de leur projet. Nos interlocuteurs Oxatis ont su apporter à nos clients la compétence et la réactivité attendue."
Patrice Boivin - Directeur général, BMP Gestion
"Avec Oxatis, nous sommes certains de proposer à nos clients la meilleure solution e-Commerce et la meilleure intégration aux produits Sage."
Marianne Kalgout - cofondateur, Megabyte
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They partner with Actinics to create a profitable source of income for their business.
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