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8 Good Reasons to join Actinic’s 350 Ecommerce partners

1 Offer your clients a new service - an opportunity to build customer loyalty
With Ecommerce you have the opportunity to contact your customers with the good news - the opportunity to increase their turnover.
“Our clients are very happy to be able to see concretely all of the potential Ecommerce offers them and the opportunities for additional turnover.” P. Chemla, Managing Director for Pointex
2 Give your clients the benefit of a growing market, they’ll be grateful!
It’s estimated that within a few years 80% of SME will have an Ecommerce website compared to less than 30% today, it’s up to us to help guide them.
“Ecommerce must be part of every business that wishes to grow’s strategy. It’s an expanding market will real business opportunities.” E. Orénès, Sales Manager WaveSoft
3 Ecommerce, the ideal way to highlight your skills
Ecommerce represents an additional opportunity to strengthen your customer relations.
“Our partner who’s been giving us advice for several years suggested we create an Ecommerce website. We didn’t have to wait for this project’s success: our turnover increased by 11% within a few months.” C. Girerd
4 Ecommerce projects, the opportunity to offer valuable services
Ecommerce is an opportunity to help your clients generate significant profit margins with valuable services.
“Our role as a partner is to support our clients setting up their business management software and optimise their synchronisation with their Ecommerce platform.” P. Boivin, Managing Director for BMP Gestion
5 Ecommerce is an incredible marketing and sales tool to win new clients
You can capitalise on the reputation Ecommerce has gained to attract clients with a comprehensive solution.
“We’ve invited our clients to open days on Ecommerce which were an incredible success. 12 SME discovered opportunities for selling online. We drew up 4 quotes and signed 2 projects.” J. Antonin - Optima Concept
6 Guarantee customer satisfaction with a powerful, comprehensive and reliable solution
The reliability of the Actinic solution has been confirmed by 10,500 Ecommerce sites. Actinic is acknowledged by Sage. Each month more than 100,000 orders are automatically treated.
“Thanks to the connection of our ERP to Actinic, we benefit from real-time stock and order management. This saves us a lot of time.” L. Klahr - Managing Director for Colinter
7 The Ecommerce solution integrated with Sage
Give your clients the benefit of an Ecommerce solution completely integrated with their business management software. This is an opportunity to build loyalty and cement your long-term relations with them.
“Ecommerce is an unevitable tool for growth for SME. For their Ecommerce success we chose Actinic in order to bring them a powerful solution integrated with Sage services.” F. Canevet - Market Manager - Sage France
8 Our experts help you make your Ecommerce project a success
The Actinic experts know Ecommerce inside and out and they’re here for you each step of the way: marketing, sales, technical aspects.
“The Actinic Ecommerce experts really listen and are very available each step of the way with our clients’ projects. It’s the guarantee of a successful Ecommerce project.” A. Gallois AG Web Conseil
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