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Partner Program : "A la carte" training plan on the Actinic solution

6 Oct 2017
Partner Program :
Ensuring our partners and customers get the most out of the e-Commerce solution is our priority.

To provide business goal-aligned training solutions for our partners, we have designed a new "A la carte” training plan on the Actinic solution, comprising of 13 modules, which can be delivered in a classroom setting (groups or individual) or in an online training environment (tele-conference). 

The course is aimed at teaching our partners to set up, update and manage the solution. 

The total duration of this course is 19 hours and 30 minutes, but each module can be purchased separately to suit your schedule and training needs. Full training days (7 hours) can be organised on-site.

Order the "A la carte” Actinic solution training to:

Increase your turnover providing additional services 
Ensure customer satisfaction offering expert advice and support
Increase customer loyalty serving as a single point of contact for all your customers’ needs

Course overview

Practical advice: Help your customers reduce their cart drop-out rate

7 Jul 2017
Practical advice: Help your customers reduce their cart drop-out rate

 An effective e-Commerce site creates an easy online shopping experience. An ideal shopping experience should be guided, encouraging and geared towards motivating the customer to add a product to the cart.

These 3 tips will help your customers reduce their drop-out rate.

How to simplify the check-out system

  • Provide a progress indicator : Creating a progress indicator that shows where the customer is at and how many more steps to the finish line is a great way to avoid them feeling abandoned.
  • Website speed and availability : One of the most frustrating things that a visitor can experience is slow site loading time. About 46% of customers will not hesitate to drop their cart if the site speed is slow. 
  • Remove the sign-in/ sign-up feature :  Tear this feature down for a faster checkout. Alternatively, activate the guest checkout feature that allows users with one or few items simply check out without hustle.


Reassure customers

While there are many reasons cited for cart abandonment, one of the major reasons is the lack of trust. Your customers should add trust building elements such as secure payment methods, return policies and contact information to trigger a purchase.

How to take advantage of the abandoned shopping carts potential

A large number of online shoppers abandon their carts without completing the entire process. Your customers can gain about 20% conversion rate by sending cart recovery emails to visitors in a bid to encourage their return to the site to complete their transactions.


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Increase your customers' conversion rate with the guest checkout

8 Jun 2017
Increase your customers' conversion rate with the guest checkout

Providing the option for new customers to enter the checkout without having to login or create an account can reduce your customers' cart abandonment rate by 45% (Source: Econsultancy)!

Actinic experts have developed a feature which allows your visitors to place their order without creating a customer account and directly access the payment pages.

It streamlines the purchasing funnel and reduces the steps to the payment pages.

Your customers can activate this feature right from the Actinic back office, in just a few clicks. This is free of charge!

80% of the major American retailers, such as Walmart, Office Depot, Dell or Best Buy, already offer the guest checkout! 

Guest Checkout

NEW: 14 adaptive design templates

15 May 2017
NEW: 14 adaptive design templates


Actinic has just added 14 new Adaptive Design Templates to its ready-to-use designs store.The adaptive web design allows for the customer to browse through your customer's store using different screens, such as wide screens, with the same visual comfort as when they shop on their desktop.

Considering that for 75% of Internet users the quality of a shop’s web design can make or break a sale, choosing one of our professional and adaptive ready-to-use design templates is a great way to convert their visitors into customers (Stanford study).

Why choose Adaptive?

50% of internet users prefer navigating the net using a 1280-pixel wide screen (Oxatis study 2016). With an adaptive template, your customer's site adapts to any screen, increasing the user experience and the conversion rate!

No matter the sector of activity, your customer will find the design that fits its business among a selection of more than 110 templates.

The ready-to-use designs have been created with e-Commerce best practices in mind and you can choose a template in the colours of your choice!

Discover the new designs

Premier Equine’s website redesign: achieving optimal user experience

3 May 2017
Premier Equine’s website redesign: achieving optimal user experience

Premier Equine's e-Commerce website redesign focused on delivering optimal buying experience and improved site management.  Actinic’s e-Commerce experts worked towards an optimally performing e-Commerce site, designed to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Discover the 4 key strategies Actinic employed designed to attract more qualified traffic and reach a higher average basket value.

4 Redesign goals 

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve user friendliness
  • Add new features
  • Increase revenue and save time


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