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Over 350 Solution Centers have been trained and certified by Actinic throughout Europe

You want to find a local partner to help you create, manage and develop your online store? Actinic can put you in touch.

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the different services provided by Actinic Solution Centers:

  • Support
    > Define needs, write up project requirements
    > Train you to become independent
    > Optimize your site for search engines

  • Design
    > Propose and apply graphic charter
    > Create visuals, stickers
    > Create animations

  • Webmastering
    > Create and configure your Oxatis site
    > Supervise the use of your site
    > Perform major site modifications

  • Development
    > Set up accounts system and links with your online store
    > Integrate different script (Google Analytics, Affiliation...)
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    "Graphic design, site management, web marketing, site build from A to Z, SEO"
    The possibilities are endless!